Where to Hide Your Huge Dildos?

When you have at least one huge dildo… you can’t imagine wanting to play alone or with your partner without it. Intimate items can, however, be a bit embarrassing if they are discovered or exposed. In addition, when family or friends visit unexpectedly or unexpectedly. In order to prevent awkward conversations in the future, we have compiled this useful guide on how to hide your huge dildo sex toys.

Here are Some secret places where you can hide your huge dildos.

1. The boxes that sit on the bedside table

A bedside table box, like the DIY boxes from IKEA, can be used instead of a bedside drawer in your bedroom. Take three or four storage boxes and you can double them as bedside tables, depending on your bed height. Make your lamp, books, or other items harder to open by placing them on top.

2. Having a suitcase

It is not unusual for people to have one or more pieces of luggage, so why would anyone look through what they perceive to be an empty suitcase? To make your suitcase even more conspicuous, place your toys inside. Perhaps you can add a few layers of old clothes or books as well.

3. An empty shoebox

Would you like to buy a new pair of shoes? Take the box out of the trash but don’t throw it away yet. For years and years, shoeboxes have served as a trusted storage space (think people who store dirty money in them above their closet). Why not store your trusted huge dildo in there as well if you need to put away a few odds and ends? There is nothing suspicious about a collection of shoeboxes, and it does not seem interesting enough to get a peek inside.

4. Socks with interiors

Sock drawers are great for storing your sex toys. They are places no one would look at. You can mix the huge dildos with the rest of your socks by placing it inside a winter wool garment, folding it in half, and mixing it with your socks. In addition to providing a nice soft cushion that prevents rubbing with other objects, this is a great way to store your huge dildo sex toys.

5. Taking a look inside a tissue box

There are a number of reasons why placing a sex toy inside a box of tissues is a good idea, unless you have a visitor with a cold or intense hay fever. The first advantage is that it can be placed conveniently beside your bed. In addition, the tissues will provide cushy protection. Furthermore, tissues can be used during those times when you need to clean up. Three wins in a row.

6. Specially designed sex toys storage containers

If you’re a collector and/or a connoisseur of sex toys, it’s not a bad idea to purchase a case that’s specifically designed for storing your huge dildos. You’ll be able to find one to suit your needs among several kinds. This type of storage container usually comes with locks, and can range from mesh organizer boxes to hidden drawers and purses.

7. Taking a look inside a large handbag’s pocket

Usually, if you have a large handbag like most women, the inside lining has a pocket for your belongings. Keeping tampons and other personal items… including intimate toys, in this little compartment has proven very useful.

8. This is what’s inside a tampon box

Tampons are one of the sanitary products almost all women avoid like the plague, but if you are a woman who uses them, you can understand why. Well, that’s half of the population who won’t likely get a peek inside, so this is a good thing.

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